Publications and Conference Papers


  • The North East Law Forum, Newcastle, June 2017
    • ‘Are Abitrary Age Limits Working Against our Children? -A Comparitive Examination of the Law in Scotland with England and Wales’ – with M. Unnithan
  • Invited presentation – launch of the Child Orientated Mental health Intervention Centre (COMIC), University of York, January 2017
    • ‘Competence, Capacity, Consent and Assent in Mental Health Research with Children and Young People’
  • Contemporary Childhood Conference, Strathclyde University, September 2016
    • ‘Could the Gillick Competence test be used more widely in the private law sphere to enhance the civic participation of adolescents?’
    • ‘Could the Named Person Scheme be the catalyst needed to prompt increased discussion of children’s rights?’
  • North East Law Forum, Newcastle University June 2016
    • ‘Increased Rights for Adolescents’
  • Poster Presentations:
    • Doctoral Conference, Northumbria University, June 2016
      • Should adolescents have their own distinct set of rights, which recognises their increasing autonomy?