Children’s Rights Advocate: Research, Consultancy and Promotion of Human Rights

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Tracy Kirk is an interdisciplinary children’s rights researcher and academic. She works with children and young people, academics, practitioners and those who work with children across law, health, social work and education in many different capacities.

Tracy welcomes contact from children and young people, academics and groups looking for help in conducting research. She is currently evaluating two projects with Investing in Children; The Decades Project and a Comic Relief-based evaluation.

Research Statement

Tracy’s main research focuses upon a theory of rights for adolescents which recognises their increased capacity to make decisions as they approach adulthood. This has an international law element with an in-depth analysis of the UNCRC, and an emphasis on the articles relating to best interests, evolving capacities and participation. This thesis brings together a number of different theories to develop a unique adolescent specific theory applicable across different disciplines.

Although previously based within a law department, due to the inter-disciplinary nature of children’s rights, Tracy has research interests which fall within social work, health, ethics and education. Tracy’s conference papers and publications reflect this.

I am a private tutor with many years of experience of teaching a wide range of different subjects including maths, English, French, history, modern studies and psychology.

I welcome the opportunity to advocate children’s rights – thank you for visiting my blog and please get in touch if you enjoy reading my posts.